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One Language

Translation on Stage

One Language is a theater lab-based program focused on translation and language alternatives in theater performances with the aim of creating a free experimental space for all theater makers and performance artists working on bilingual or panlingual theater projects. 

Through the implementation of two artist-inclusive theater labs in Germany, One Language seeks to research creative, artistic, and meaningful approaches to develop and/or alternate classical methods of subtitling/surtitling language in theater shows and performances on stage to create an updated transboundary theater experience.

In addition, the One Language journey was accompanied by two researchers who attend the laboratories and conduct research that is built cumulatively on the outcome of the theater labs. Eventually aspiring to result in the publishing of a journal summarizing, reflecting and analyzing the practices of the entire project and its labs. 

One Language is a project designed and organized by Nawras e.V. and supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. through #TakePart funding program. Our list of supporters for this project also include: iac Berlin | Deutsches TheaterBerlin | Unicorn workspaces.

Sanad: A Legal Support Initiative for Cultural Practitioners and Artists in Germany.

Sanad Meet-ups are a series of public gatherings which aim to enhance the practical knowledge of artists and cultural practitioners who are moving from the Arab region to Germany.

The series provides practical guidance about the rights of art producers in Germany and introduces participants to the laws which affect them and their professional art environments, with guidance from legal experts and specialised institutions. The sessions act as a platform for open discussion where attendees can voice their concerns and share common problems. They also provide opportunities for forming alliances and networking.

Sanad was launched in Lebanon by Ettijahat in 2019 in partnership with the non-governmental organisation Legal Agenda and with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung with the aim of enabling artists to adapt to their new environments and develop their capacities for self-organisation.



Moshabak Nights is a monthly cultural event that gathers Syrian, Arabic, German and international artists to present their works.Each evening different Syrian artists are introduced to create a meeting point with other international artists, culture producers and activists, as well as the hosting community


Dafira facilitates mini-meetings that connect Syrian artists to funding bodies and supporters active in Germany.

These meetings will be held during the second half of 2018.


Bulbul’s aim is to bring together Arabic and German translators. It seeks to support Syrian writers & artists to present their work to a German audience & vice versa. To achieve this. Nawras will organize translation workshops in which texts will be translated & presented in both languages to the public including Arabic & German publishers.

The Bulbul program will facilitate two translation workshops within two years that aims to support 14 Arabic & German translators. In addition, it is designed to promote the translation of 6 Syrian artists & writers through their connection with cultural institutions active in Germany.

the means for Syrian artists


3 workshops within one and a half years.

The tool box program’s purpose is to provide the means for Syrian artists in Germany to develop and sustain their skills in their artistic practices. This encompasses workshops in capacity building and other topics that seek to answer the pressing questions and matters for Syrian artists in their current situation in order to meet their needs and follow up on their projects.
Nawras will launch its first workshop soon. This workshop supports artists to develop their skills in writing project proposals. It aims to raise the efficiency of 45 Syrian artists through the organization of 3 workshops within one and a half years.


The aim of the map program is to create an information bank for Syrian artists in Germany. This information has the place of work of the artists, their areas of expertise, the qualifications and the running de research, the den- The map will also contain an archive of cultural and artistic productions of Syrian relations carried out in Germany.

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