Moshabak Nights 4 .

Moshabak Nights 6.

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Amal Project, Berlin, 2017

© Guevara Namer

Moshabak Nights 1. © Nadim Hendawi

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Moshabak Nights 2. © Nadim Hendawi

Musicians : Hogir Göregen, Mevan Younes and Anastasia Suvorov

Open Call for artists to participate in “Moshabak Nights”

The Nawras Foundation invites all artists residing in Germany & in particular Syrian artists to apply for participating in the “Moshabak Nights” program |Read More|

Moshabak Nights Event

Moshabak Nights is a series of a monthly cultural event that gathers Syrian, Arabic, German and International artists to present their works |Read More|