Moshabak Nights 4 .

Moshabak Nights 6.

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Amal Project, Berlin, 2017

© Guevara Namer

Moshabak Nights 1. © Nadim Hendawi

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Moshabak Nights 2. © Nadim Hendawi

Musicians : Hogir Göregen, Mevan Younes and Anastasia Suvorov

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NAWRAS is a space for establishing collaborations and networks based on mutual understanding and equality. With great respect for the professionalism of the represented artists, we encourage the presentation of Syrian cultural productions to a German and international audience. For this reason, it is crucial to provide a suitable environment for Syrian artists to help them pursue their artistic work without having to engage in specific agendas or themes away from their personal artistic projects. [Read More!]


A Legal Support Programme for Cultural Practitioners and Artists in Germany.
Sanad Meet-ups are a series of public gatherings which aim to enhance the practical knowledge of artists and cultural practitioners who are moving from the Arab region to Germany.
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The Mushabak program aims to build connections and partnerships between Syrian artists and other German and international artists and institutions active within the hosting society through two projects:
Mushabak Nights & Dafira
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The goal of the map program is to establish an information bank for all Syrian artists in Germany. This information includes the location of artists, their fields of expertise, their qualifications, as well as an ongoing research that caters to the artists’ needs and aspirations. The map will also include an archive of cultural and artistic productions contributed by Syrian artists living in Germany |Read More|


provide the means for Syrian artists in Germany to develop and sustain their skills in their artistic practices. This encompasses workshops in capacity building and other topics that seek to answer the pressing questions and matters for Syrian artists in their current situation in order to meet their needs and follow up on their projects |Read More|


Bulbul’s aim is to bring together Arabic and German translators. It seeks to support Syrian writers & artists to present their work to a German audience & vice versa. To achieve this. Nawras will organize translation workshops in which texts will be translated & presented in both languages to the public including Arabic & German publishers |Read More|

Executive Team


Mudar Alhaggi

Creative Director

Zain Saleh

Programme Manager

Wael Salem

Project Manager

General Assembly


Bassam Dawood

Executive Director

Culture Resource Founded in 2004,Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) is a regional, non-profit organization that seeks to support artistic creativity in the Arab region and to encourage cultural exchange between intellectuals and artists within this region and abroad. The work of Culture Resource emanates from a deep appreciation of the renewable value of Arab cultural heritage, in all its ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity, and from a faith in the importance of generating a new Arab spirit of creativity as a key to liberating the imagination and stimulating progress. Culture Resource also believes that artistic and literary activities are a social necessity which demands the moral and material support on the part of all effective forces in society. |Read More|

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