Moshabak Nights 4 .

Moshabak Nights 6.

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Amal Project, Berlin, 2017

© Guevara Namer

Moshabak Nights 1. © Nadim Hendawi

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Moshabak Nights 2. © Nadim Hendawi

Musicians : Hogir Göregen, Mevan Younes and Anastasia Suvorov

Mudar Alhaggi

Mudar Alhaggi is a playwright, dramaturg, and cultural activist. He received a B.A in Dramatic Studies from The Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2005 and shortly afterwards co-established the Street Workshop for playwriting. From 2005-2011, he designed interactive activities for children, and trained trainers in interactive theatre methods.
He participated in several writing workshops and residency programs in Europe and the Arab region. In 2013, Mudar launched So On And So Forth, a series of writing and documentation workshops for Syrian refugees.
He is a member of the Syrian organization in Beirut called Ettijahat. Independent culture. Mudar’s works include: Just an Enemy of the People – an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Enemy of the People (2008), The Don Juan (2008), Six Days No Less (2009), Bronze (2010), and Your Love is Fire (2017).

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Programme Manager

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