Moshabak Nights 4 .

Moshabak Nights 6.

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Amal Project, Berlin, 2017

© Guevara Namer

Moshabak Nights 1. © Nadim Hendawi

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Moshabak Nights 2. © Nadim Hendawi

Musicians : Hogir Göregen, Mevan Younes and Anastasia Suvorov

Irit Neidhardt

Irit Neidhardt (born 1969) graduated in political science, Islamic science and anthropology from the university of Muenster/Germany.
She worked as trainer for self-defense and assertiveness for girls and women, managed an adult education center for political and cultural learning and has been acting as avocational author, curator and speaker in the field of cinema and the Middle East since completing her studies in 1995.
In 2002 she decided to devote her working life to cinema and funded the international distribution and sales company mec film complementary to her free-lancing. mec film is distributing films by Arab directors.
Irit Neidhardt is coproducer of several Arab feature documentaries and worked as consultant for films like Tamer El-Said’s In the Last Days of the City (2016) or Pary el-Qalqili’s The Turtle’s Rage (2012).
Irit Neidhardt is member of the board of the German edition of the Global Media Journal and German quarterly inamo. She is member of the German Documentary Association (AG DOK), German Association of Art House Theatres (AG Kino-Gilde) and The German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation (DAVO).

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