Moshabak Nights 4 .

Moshabak Nights 6.

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Amal Project, Berlin, 2017

© Guevara Namer

Moshabak Nights 1. © Nadim Hendawi

Musician: Ibrahim Kefo

Moshabak Nights 2. © Nadim Hendawi

Musicians : Hogir Göregen, Mevan Younes and Anastasia Suvorov

Bassam Dawood

Bassam Dawood is a Syrian storyteller, actor and theatre director. He graduated from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus in 2001. He has worked as an actor for many theater and television productions as well as an assistant director and director in theater.
Bassam has trained many actors at the Institute for Theater and Performing Arts as well as in interactive theater with children in the Rawafed project. Since 2012, he has been presenting a program on Radio Souriali, collecting and  documenting many personal stories of Syrians that the media tends to overlook.
He present as the “Hakawati” Abu Fakir, keeping the authenticity of the heritage of the ancient storytelling.
He has participated in many festivals and events throughout Europe. Bassam has also organized several theater workshops with children and young people in Germany through the Vivace project.
He founded the Syrian House of Tale, a space for sharing Syrian stories to a German audience and the world. He is a
member of the founding team of Radio Souriali, as well as the manager of the drama and education section of the radio.

Executive Team


Mudar Alhaggi

Creative Director

Zain Saleh

Programme Manager

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Bassam Dawood

Executive Director