A Legal Support Programme for Cultural Practitioners and Artists in Germany

Sanad Meet-ups are a series of public gatherings which aim to enhance the practical knowledge of artists and cultural practitioners who are moving from the Arab region to Germany.

The series provides practical guidance about the rights of art producers in Germany and introduces participants to the laws which affect them and their professional art environments, with guidance from legal experts and specialised institutions. The sessions act as a platform for open discussion where attendees can voice their concerns and share common problems. They also provide opportunities for forming alliances and networking. The series of meet-ups is held in Germany in partnership with Nawras and with the support of the International Alumni Center.

Sanad was launched in Lebanon by Ettijahat in 2019 in partnership with the non-governmental organisation Legal Agenda and with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung with the aim of enabling artists to adapt to their new environments and develop their capacities for self-organisation.

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